About Accounting and Tax Advisory

Accounting and Tax Advisory is a business and tax consulting company that started 10 years ago by an accredited CPA with Master of Business Administration. With our fundamental service offering being in the accounting, taxation and operational areas, we also have a network of experts to assist in the implementation of your strategy.

Working with large clients in the manufacturing, distribution and design industries has allowed us to develop specialty solutions that can be applied to a wide variety of businesses operating today.

We are here to understand your business

Before we commence billable work, we ensure we have a great understanding of your business. Who is involved, how it ticks, and grasp all the moving parts. To do this we work in the following sequence:


We start with a free one-hour discovery session and consultation. This is where we get an overview of your business and see what we can do to help you.


If required, we will then spend another half day for free to dive deeper into your business, learn about the finer details, and start preparing your strategy.


Once we completely understand your problem and how we can help, we will then implement our strategy and ultimately solve the problems at hand.

You choose
our involvement

Depending on your need we can work with you on a number of levels:

1. We can advise you on strategy;
2. Show you how to do it;
3. Guide you in the process of implementing the strategy; and/or
4. Come into your business and do it for you.

What can we help you with?

Accounting Advice

Tax time can be a burden for many businesses no matter the industry. With the incorrect strategy, tax becomes a stress that drains time and money which could be otherwise allocated elsewhere. Using strategies from ATA will allow for the potential reduction of tax payments while also ensuring that your business remains tax compliant.


Business Advisory

As your business grows it can be difficult to manage time, money and resources. Without the right approach and proper attention in these areas, you may feel loss of control in your business and the bottom line. This is where we come in to help. Through understanding your business we can administer the right advice to help improve underperforming areas.


Business Restructure

By understanding where your business is headed and who is involved we can recommend a structure that will benefit the long term vision of your business. The correct structure could reduce tax payments, protect your assets and allow for ease of succession.


Business Transformation

Issues in a business are not always due to a delivered product or service. Inefficient operations can result in loss of time, money and customer confidence through error and double handling. As your business grows, we encourage that your operations are reviewed regularly.